z’Bumba brings Forró (fo-HOh,) the raucous, rebellious roots music of Brazil’s northeast, to the American Northwest.

The love child of Zydeco and Salsa, cousin of Cumbia, this irrepressibly danceable music is a fresh, tropical aural fruit salad, a gorgeous mixture of impossibly delicious sounds like juicy mango accordions, peppery percussion, and the passion-fruit Portuguese poetry as sung by scintillating São Paulo songstress Gabriella.

It’s hard to believe it was once the theme music of the Cangaçeiros, the infamous desert ‘pirates’ of Brazil’s hinterlands.

The simple two-step couple, line, square, and circle dances are instantly accessible, with an intergenerational appeal, and remind us why the genre “Forró” is purportedly derived from the English “For All.” No biquinis, feather headdresses, heels, or crash diets required!