Save the Date! Festa Junina 2014!!!

56Things have been a little quiet on the z’Bumba front since our widely successful Carnaval show, but don’t you worry…we’ve been writing new songs and now we’re gearing up for summer.

This year we’re hosting Festa Junina on Saturday, June 21st at the Analog Cafe, 720 SE Hawthorne in Portland, Oregon. See you then!

Forró: outlaw music of the Wild Brazilian Northeast

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What happens when Brazilian outlaws mix salsa with polka, cumbia with zydeco, pile it high with accordion and percussion, and sprinkle liberally with the bittersweet Portuguese poetry of “The Brazilian Hank Williams?”

They dance, of course… in a honey-knickers two-step that would make the Green bay Packers blush like schoolgirls.

z’Bumba plays forró, (fo-HOh,) rowdy roots music from Northeastern Brazil.  You don’t need fancy costumes or high heels to dance to this music, just a smile, some style, and a stranger.

Mayday! Mayday! [Brazilian] Dance music for the people!

Mayday! Fasten your chastity belts, O Portland Puritans, for those Accordion Agitators z’Bumba are bringing a grassroots groudswell of grind to the Secret Society May 11.

Portlanders’ hips, those bony bastions of decaying decency, face an imminent musical class war with fearsome foe Forró (fo-HOh) music – the People’s dance music of Brazil.

Like a Zapatista’s zydeco, this Comrade of Cumbia is an accordion-driven revolution.  Relegated to the Underground for years, Forró has recently emerged bearing the troublesome trifecta of trysting triangle, bittersweet harmony, and that salaciously saboteuring São Paulo songstress Gabriella.

All upright citizens are urged to stay at home, drinking warm milk and watch Lawrence Welk reruns.

A Triangle to Ring in the Spring!

It’s that time again – Second Saturday! Here’s what we’ve got lined up:

An evening of Brazilian roots music with z’Bumba
and guests Banda ARRASTA
Saturday, April 13, 9:15p-12:30a
The Secret Society 21+, $8 advance/ $7 door
116 N Russell Street, Portland, OR, USA

Special guest Banda Arrasta’s thunderous drums herald the return of Demeter, serving up earth-shaking grooves from the city of Salvador, Bahia, breaking you free from winter’s dying clutches.

Once marginalized as ‘music for maids and taxi drivers,’ forró music, like spring itself is in resurgence, rebirth & revival.

The love child of zydeco and salsa, the cousin of Cumbia, this irrepressibly danceable music is sure to lift the grey veil from your sleepy senses. Synaptic-swift rhythms sprout from a ringing triangle while primaveral percussion pulses beneath the Aprilous Accordion of Zé Raiz. As if that weren’t intoxicating enough, the vernal voice and Portuguese poetry of Sao Paulo songstress Gabriella washes over you like that fresh smell after rain.

Come celebrate April showers with the simple, saucy two-step that is forró!

Squaredancing with the Saints:  São João / Festa Junina  

(poster for 6/8 show)

poster: Michael Galen

“…So these three Brazilian saints walk into a Brazilian squaredance…”

It sounds like a corny joke, but Festa Junina — the traditional Guinness record-setting Brazilian festivals of Saints John, Peter, and  Anthony,  are the ‘high holy days’ of the rootsy, raucous and rhythmic accordion music  known as Forró (fo-HOh.)

You don’t need to buy a plane ticket to  experience forró firsthand.  z’Bumba’s putting on its own Festa Junina at  Secret Society on Saturday, June 8, with special decorations, costumes,  and dances.

The caipira (‘hillbilly’) makeover table makes its return to  augment the traditional costume– plaid shirts, gingham dresses, and overalls–to help you get into the spirit of the party.

In addition to  the band’s regular rebellious repertoire, the band stays true to tradition, whipping up the entire audience in a  giant quadrilha: Brazilian squaredance with a groove.

There is really  nothing quite like a roomful of beery, plaided Portlanders dressed like Brazilian hillbillies dancing  in a giant circle. Viva São  João!