Enxuga o Rato!

Wednesday is z’Bumba rehearsal night at Casa Carlitos. Gaby and Blake were sick tonight, and it was nice out, so the remaining four of us just decided to go out back and make videos.

Enxuga o Rato is a kind of a forró standard, and it’s one of our favorites.  It’s probably a “folia de 8-baixos” an old-school instrumental played on a little eight-bass accordion.  It was written by José Moreno in the 70’s and covered by a million forró stars. Maybe that’s why we included it in a medley on our EP!

The title means “dry the rat.”  Various different people from various parts of Brazil told us what they thought it ACTUALLY meant. One Paulista said that it referred to a marriage-minded gold-digger (we believed him, so Jake once stumbled his way out of announcing that while we were playing a wedding gig)  A Carioca said it meant something like “Carpe Diem.”  A Capixaba told us it meant something like “Hop to it.” or “Git it!”

Finally, Jake asked Pernambucano Maracatú teacher Nininho.  Through various whistling motions, vaguely obscene gestures and a few well-placed words, Nininho implied that it had something to do with couples dancing forró real close, and that was all I needed to know.

Blooper reel is on the way.


  1. Jake Pegg says:

    Update: the blooper reel made it into the end of the Tive Razão video:

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