Festa Junina: Costumes


One of the great things about the Brazilian June festivals – ‘Festa Junina‘ – is that it’s really easy to dress up for them.   Or is that dress down? How Portlander perfect: a party with a theme of 90’s faux-lumberjack grunge!


What to wear:

  • Plaid or gingham shirts, skirts, dresses
  • overalls / highwater jeans all rolled up (remember non-skinny jeans?)
  • Cross-dressing opportunities will be rampant
  • Optional: Priest, Bride (Bonus if pregnant), Princess, Queen, Cangaçeiro, or Billy Idol!

the Matuto Makeover table

We’ll be bringing our Festa Junina box, but there probably won’t be enough for everybody. So, if you have any of the following.. Bring it!

  • Accessories:
    Straw hats,
    bandannas / ascots
    hair-ties (for pigtails)
    a bridal veil and baby-sized pillow (a shotgun wedding theme is standard)
    a bridal ‘bouquet’
  • Makeup: (how-to video)
    burnt cork for fake beards
    eyeliner for fake freckles
    rouge for that raggedy Ann/Andy rosy-cheek look
    black candles to black out teeth

Here’s a great web page with more ideas… and another!

Putting on a Festa Junina takes a community… Let us know if you’d like to help out. We’re looking for people to staff the makeover table (we provide tooth-blackout training,) take photos, help put up the traditional bandierinhas, help lead the quadrilhas and cirandas, etc!

We’re especially curious if anyone has a wedding dress for a 275 lb. man.

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