Squaredancing with the Saints:  São João / Festa Junina  

(poster for 6/8 show)

poster: Michael Galen

“…So these three Brazilian saints walk into a Brazilian squaredance…”

It sounds like a corny joke, but Festa Junina — the traditional Guinness record-setting Brazilian festivals of Saints John, Peter, and  Anthony,  are the ‘high holy days’ of the rootsy, raucous and rhythmic accordion music  known as Forró (fo-HOh.)

You don’t need to buy a plane ticket to  experience forró firsthand.  z’Bumba’s putting on its own Festa Junina at  Secret Society on Saturday, June 8, with special decorations, costumes,  and dances.

The caipira (‘hillbilly’) makeover table makes its return to  augment the traditional costume– plaid shirts, gingham dresses, and overalls–to help you get into the spirit of the party.

In addition to  the band’s regular rebellious repertoire, the band stays true to tradition, whipping up the entire audience in a  giant quadrilha: Brazilian squaredance with a groove.

There is really  nothing quite like a roomful of beery, plaided Portlanders dressed like Brazilian hillbillies dancing  in a giant circle. Viva São  João!


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