Mayday! Mayday! [Brazilian] Dance music for the people!

Mayday! Fasten your chastity belts, O Portland Puritans, for those Accordion Agitators z’Bumba are bringing a grassroots groudswell of grind to the Secret Society May 11.

Portlanders’ hips, those bony bastions of decaying decency, face an imminent musical class war with fearsome foe Forró (fo-HOh) music – the People’s dance music of Brazil.

Like a Zapatista’s zydeco, this Comrade of Cumbia is an accordion-driven revolution.  Relegated to the Underground for years, Forró has recently emerged bearing the troublesome trifecta of trysting triangle, bittersweet harmony, and that salaciously saboteuring São Paulo songstress Gabriella.

All upright citizens are urged to stay at home, drinking warm milk and watch Lawrence Welk reruns.

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