Forró: outlaw music of the Wild Brazilian Northeast

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What happens when Brazilian outlaws mix salsa with polka, cumbia with zydeco, pile it high with accordion and percussion, and sprinkle liberally with the bittersweet Portuguese poetry of “The Brazilian Hank Williams?”

They dance, of course… in a honey-knickers two-step that would make the Green bay Packers blush like schoolgirls.

z’Bumba plays forró, (fo-HOh,) rowdy roots music from Northeastern Brazil.  You don’t need fancy costumes or high heels to dance to this music, just a smile, some style, and a stranger.


  1. Jake Pegg says:

    This will be our last regular club show for a few months;
    we’re taking some time off to write our next full-length album.
    Meanwhile, we’re going to keep looking for house concerts, festivals, and private events to perform at.

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