z’Bumba’s fifth Bandiversary!

Saturday, December 7, 2013, 9:30p-12:30aZB MPP 120713c
Mississippi Pizza Pub (map)
$8 / $7 advance (here)
21 and over

It’s been five years since z’Bumba’s humble origins in an airplane hangar at 15th and Broadway in Portland, Oregon.

Since then they’ve kept busy as ambassadors of the best-kept Brazilian secret known as forró (fo-HOh,) the earthy, accordion-laced, working class dance music of Brazil’s northeast.  In those five years they’ve performed about 1500 songs at fifty shows to roughly 5000 people, after preparing at  200 rehearsals with twelve members past and present, including nine percussionists, three accordionists, four singers, and two bassists.

That said, why count when you can dance? Come celebrate z’Bumba’s five years with five senses:  SEE a roomful of  smiles and swaying hips;  HEAR music both rhythmic and bittersweet; TASTE delicious fresh-squeezed juice cocktails; touch knee to knee with someone you like or think you might, and  SMELLsmell-a wine and sweeet perfu-ume!

You don’t need a midnight train going anywhere – forró is the music where small-town boys and city girls alike find solace in a deep Brazilian groove.

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